“Hi Jeff,

I just wanted to drop you a note of gratitude. It started last year with a growing frustration.  Frustration over the fact I had to drag 5 or more air conditioners up from the basement to keep the family cool.  It was late, hot and decisions needed to be made. Which windows do we not need to use the rest of the summer?  Even though I know there will be those nice New England evenings where having a window open would clear the house out, I had to pick 5 windows that would not be opening because these units needed a home.  Which windows did I want to tape and stuff with foam to keep the outside creepy crawlers where they belong, OUTSIDE!!! Lastly, would I need to replace any of these units because they didn’t survive the winter storage, wouldn’t blow enough cold air or all of a sudden decide to be louder then a jet airplane preparing for take off.

That’s when I made the phone call to get a system that would work for my home and family.  I spoke with many companies, they came out, looked at the job and left me with more questions then answers.  Then I called Intelligent Heat and Power,  Jeff was very prompt.  He visited my home, analyzed my situation and provided a very competitive solution that balanced cost vs. comfort.  Jeff was able to answer all my questions in a way that made me understand what the system could do and why a system like this was the right choice.  The LG systems that IHP uses are efficient, quiet and unobtrusive.  They are Energy Star rated which means my family will save money and reduce our carbon footprint. The units IHP installed are as quiet as a gentle breeze. Once again we can have a conversation with others in comfort and our family can sleep to the sounds of peacefulness, not the sounds of a large compressor turning on and off throughout the night.  The system also looks great. IHP was able to install the units where they would have maximum efficiency and not be the center of attention.  IHP’s technicians provide top notch installation skills.  They worked with my family to ensure a quick and smooth installation.  IHP technicians were respectful and attentive, ensuring that my home was never out of sorts after finishing for the day.  IHP’s quality installation along with LG’s modern and simple look make heating and cooling our house a worry of the past.  Jeff even came by a few weeks after the installation to ensure we were satisfied with the system and answer any questions we may have still had about the operation.  I feel confident we will have many years of comfort with our new ductless mini split heating and AC unit.  I sleep well at night knowing that it is backed by a 10 year warranty and that Jeff and all the staff of IHP are just a phone call away.  Again, on behalf of our entire family,  thank you!!


Patrick Babel
Patrick Babel Emergency Services Professional