Save 100's During Heating Season

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Save 100's During Heating Season

According to psychologists, people need more time to adapt to cold weather rather than to warm weather. This fact affects on our desire to turn up the thermostat, which in turn, means that we should pay for all the warmth we receive.  Is there any way to live in comfort and not to pay more than we need to?

We offer a few tips that may help save your money:

  • Track down the air leaks! There are always hidden air leaks around your windows and doors which need to be isolated to keep the warmth inside the house. We have even seen drafts under baseboards along walls;
  • Check your air filters! Filters should be checked once a month and replaced seasonally. A dirty filter can dramatically reduce airflow, so they should be kept clean to keep air in your house fresh and free of bacteria;
  • Adjust the thermostat – try lower the temperature and wear a bit more clothing. Contrary to popular marketing, we do NOT recommend daily and hourly temperature changes to save energy;

There are also several tips how to warm up your house. If you have a fireplace and don’t use it, keep your fireplace damper closed.  It’s also a good idea to place rugs on the floor, no matter if you have tile, linoleum or concrete floors.  These rugs could save you a couple of dollars. If you have a ceiling fan, set it to run in a clockwise direction. This trick will push warm air down from the ceiling. Most fans have a reversing switch for heating vs. cooling season.