Intelligent Heat and Power, LLC can provide computer generated building energy models critical for sizing and understanding equipment loads and energy consumption. Our software systems use with ACCA Manual J as required in residential projects by building code, or ASHRAE models for commercial building analysis. Our software creates a virtual model of your building and can be as specific as what materials and exterior colors are used (dark colors absorb more heat).  By creating a detailed model, we are able to very accurately design a system to meet your needs without dramatically over sizing as is very common in the industry. Over sizing may be a “safe” bet for the design/build installer, but it creates headaches for the end user/owner. An oversized system starts and stops much more frequently increasing wear on the equipment, creates uneven heating and cooling, increased energy use, and shortens equipment lifespan or worse.  If you are building new, we can even help you evaluate choices in envelope materials like windows and doors to see what your financial impact would be for upgrading or downgrading. We can even suggest what direction the house should face to minimize energy needs thanks to our modeling software.  At the same time, we can use the software to make side-by-side cost of ownership comparisons between different HVAC systems.

Residential Modeling

Computer Modeling of Residential Structures

Commercial Model

Computer Modeling of Commercial Structures