5 Important HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

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5 Important HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

Pet owners want nothing but the very best for their furry friends. And everyone knows that Americans love their family pets. In fact, according to a recent American Pet Products Association National Pet Owners Survey, 68 percent of U.S. households, or about 85 million families, own pets. So, in recognition of National Pet Month this May, Intelligent Heat and Power is revealing five important HVAC tips for pet owners to keep their pets and families safe and healthy this spring. 

Our technicians recommend these steps to keep HVAC systems running at top efficiency this spring: 

1. Clean and vacuum. Regular vacuuming and dusting improve HVAC performance. Homeowners should clean vents regularly and vacuum daily to eliminate excessive pet hair getting lodged in ductwork. 

2. Schedule grooming appointments. Keeping dogs and cats bathed and groomed cuts back on the amount of hair and dander that accumulates indoors. 

3. Change filters. Regular filter changes always improve indoor air quality and HVAC function. Customers who need assistance finding the proper filter for their system can count on Intelligent Heat and Power for answers. 

4. Install an air purifier. Households with pets benefit greatly from an air purifier. These systems remove pet smells, airborne bacteria, dust particles, mold, pollen, kitchen odors and more. Customers looking to upgrade to purer air can call Intelligent Heat and Power for information on their Breathe Easy Indoor Air Packages.

5. Protect the outside unit. Keep dogs—and outside cats—away from outdoor units. Pet urine and excessive scratching will cause unwanted damage and reduce system efficiency. 

So there you have it, 5 important HVAC tips for pet owners. If you would like to have us help you with your HVAC system, please contact us below for more information.

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